La Mode! - My most solipsistic endeavor yet, this page allows you to play around with actual clothes from my wardrobe. While putting this page together, I realized I should get a few more long-sleeve button-up shirts. Fascinating. The drag-and-drop excitement contained in this page works with Internet Explorer, though I'm not sure about other browsers.

Greg's Music - This takes you to my "virb" page, where you can hear shanties and such. Virb is one of those social-networking-type sites that all the kids seem to be into nowadays. We'll see whether the site's temerity is matched by longevity. Oh, we'll see, all right.

Profiles in Courageousness - A small collection of drawings and anecdotes about people I like. I was going to make hundreds of these, creating an encyclopedic reference to everyone I've ever met. Instead, I ended up making three and getting bored. How about that.

Valentines of Unfulfillment - This holiday, make that special someone feel ashamed to be alive.
Note:, "Valentines of Unfulfillment", and the concept of "shame" are not in any way affiliated with the Hallmark Company.

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