What follows are various pieces of news relating to this site or my work in general, with the most recent news tidbit being listed first.

June 2007 - I notice that I haven't updated the "News" portion of my site in three years. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.

May 2004 - I quit my job at the Olive Garden in Philadelphia, and move up to New York City, where I will try to be more productive. I anticipate hating New York and romanticizing Philadelphia almost as much as I do with New Hampshire.

November 2003 - In a fit of guilt, I profusely apologize for not updating this site more, and assure any potential readers that Nog #2 is on its way to being completed. It will be on sale at Manchester, New Hampshire's Kamecon Comic Con.

June 2003 - I, Greg Erskine, start up www.gregnog.com.

461 BC - Cimon gets on Pericles' nerves.

70 Bajillion BC - Big Bang happens; universe begins.