"I am a Host at The Olive Garden"

For about a year, I worked as a host in an Olive Garden restarurant. During that time, I made the following strips. Each strip is completely true, except for people's names, which have been changed so that they don't get mad at me. This comic is not endorsed in any way by The Olive Garden or its parent company, Darden Restaurants. In fact, they don't even know it exists.

Here's a fun fact about Darden Restaurants: Not only do they own The Olive Garden and the comparatively less successful restaurant chains "Smokey Bones" and "Bahama Breeze," but also the seafood behemoth known as "The Red Lobster." Benefits of working for Darden Restaurants include the Darden Dimes program, in which one contributes ten cents from each paycheck, which goes into an emergency fund that is used to assist one's fellow-employees in their times of need.

That's socialism.

Strip 1: Introduction

Strip 2: Dignity

Strip 3: Naming

Strip 4: Wine Samples

Strip 5: "Where's The Mousie?"

Strip 6: Rolling Silverware

Strip 7: History

Strip 8: There's The Rub

Strip 9: Mafia

Strip 10: Reminiscing

Strip 11: Revolution

Strip 12: Dawn

Strip 13: Knock 'em Dead

Strip 14: Martha

Strip 15: Oz

Strip 16: Fence

Strip 17: Coasters

Strip 18: Hack

Strip 19: New Tie

Strip 20: Riesling

Strip 21: Me and the Lord

Strip 22: Tattoo

Strip 23: Memories

Strip 24: Hair Height

Strip 25: The Best Question

Strip 26: End