All comics are listed in reverse-chronological order. Those on the top are the most recently updated. Those on the bottom are older, or, if you prefer, "retro."


Pugilism. Old-Fashioned Fisticuffstian Knucklepunchery, Marquess of Queensbury Rules, Second Edition, Twice Removed.

Life of Luxury. I never promised it'd be interesting.

Chickens. High fashion amongst our fine feathered friends.

Plato. Sometimes called "The fifth Beatle," this little-known historical figure is widely believed to have invented the science of "Philosophy."

The New Adventures of Jonathan Train. Woo woo.

Joyce Pound Eliot. A comic about two of my favorite modernists, and their kooky little friend.

I Am A Host at The Olive Garden. A comic strip about my former job. It's also archived on the Free Horsie Rides website, which spins straw into comedic flax.

Lava-Boats. A story about flirting with danger.

The Frog and the Scorpion. Recently, my friend Jeremy Westphal told me this fable in order to explain why he shouldn't date mentally unstable women. I wholeheartedly agree.

Captain Yaar. A series of comic strips about a pirate named Captain Yaar. These appeared in The Philadelphia Independent and the Philadelphia Funny Pages.

On School Nights, We Would Drive Around Aimlessly. This comic features Pat Ball. You know Pat Ball, right?

Rules of The Road. This is a five-page, first-draft excerpt from a longer novel-length comic I was trying to write with my friend Jeremy Westphal, entitled Jeremy and Greg Made a Road Trip. That novel-length comic has yet to happen, despite the passing of years. Will it ever happen? Such a MYSTERY!

Porter's Evil Twin. An amazing discovery... a life changed forever.

Pigeon. "I know you, little libertine; I know you're a real coo coo."

Sir Foetus and the Robot. Lots of people hate their day jobs.

Makeup. The fine art of deception.

Teaching (Part Two). The kids are alright.

Teaching (Part One). A behind-the-scenes look at the forces that brought you pedagogy.

Adventure on the High Seas. A true-life near-death experience.

Brow Ridges. A one-page comic about being careful what you wish for.

Floaty-Shoes. An attempt to defy the forces of sinkitude.

Hey now hey now, all these things were created by and are copyright Greg Erskine; feel free to get in touch if you'd like to use them or publish them or do something else fancy with them.